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Glitch Productions

We make stuff... mostly about video games.

SMG4 0

NEW Videos every Saturday at 9am PST.

SMG4 creates original, animated video content using well-known video game character from Nintendo and other franchises. Weekly uploads consistently leave viewers in stitches as familiar characters are placed in unusual and whacky situations. Videos average around one million views per upload, though many go viral and exceed 10 million views.

Meta Runner

Our upcoming animated web-series. Season 1 debuts 07.25.19 on the SMG4 channel.

In a world where video games, speedrunning & esports are everything, a cyborg girl named Tari finds herself in the crosshairs of world class Meta Runners as she discovers she has the uncanny ability to warp into video games...

Hobo Bros 0

NEW Videos weekdays at 2pm and weekends 9am PST.

Hobo Bros consists of brothers Kevin and Luke, who play popular Nintendo titles such as Super Mario, Zelda and other AAA game titles and indies releases. Their content focuses on exploring popular games using different mods, memes, and hacks in order to create more entertaining and relevant content.